Classic Lashes

Classic Eyelash Extensions are perfect for a more natural and subtle appearance. One extension is applied to one natural lash which will add lengths and darkness for the natural lash. If you would like a little bit more fullness and/or lengths but not looking over the top then this is the way to go. If you have super fine and very sparse Lashes it is recommended to go for more of a Volume look as Classic Lashes are not able to fill in gaps and hide the sparseness of lashes only to a certain extend.


A natural set. Great for 1st timers.


Lengths and thickness and fullness is added with this set.

"Oh baby"

As full as it gets when it comes to classic lashes

Classic Lash Services

Classic Lash Refills

  • To keep Your Classic Lashes looking their best, a refill is recommended every 2-3 weeks.

  • At your refill appointment your Classic Lashes will be cleaned, unsuitable Lashes removed and fresh Lashes applied.

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  • Light Refill

    2 weekly. 30 mins

  • Medium Refill

    2-3 weekly. 45 mins

  • Heavy Refill

    3 weekly. 60 mins

Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Extensions are fast developing into the most sought after
Lash Service available with only few experienced Master Lash Artist mastering this technique in Brisbane.

With Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions we are now finally able to not only apply 1 lash per natural lash, we are able to apply 2-6 or more super fine, super light lashes that are fanned out by hand and then applied to ONE natural lash. These lashes are so light they won’t damage your natural lashes if applied by a Master. 

“Resulting in beautifully dark and fluffy lashes with lots of Volume."

Light Volume (2-3D)
Medium Volume (3-4D)
OH BABY ( 5-6D)

We will customise your lashes for you.
Whether Smooth or messy, short or long.
We will style your eyes to perfection.

  • Light Volume

    $197 2-3D lashes
    If you never had Volume Lashes before this is a great place to start. It looks nice and fluffy but not completely dark or over the top.

  • Medium Volume

    $247 Medium Fullness
    Volume 2-4D eyelash extensions for a full and fluffy look.

  • "Oh Baby"

    Volume 4-6D eyelash extensions. Very full, dark and fluffy

  • NOTE: Description to be used as a guide only - end result will depend on the condition of your natural lashes

  • To keep your Volume Lashes nice and full, please book your refill for every 2-3 weeks.

Volume Lash Refills

To keep Your Russian Volume Lashes looking their best, a refill is recommended every 2-4 weeks.

At your refill appointment your Volume Lashes will be cleaned, unsuitable lashes removed and fresh lashes applied.

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NOTE: If you have lost almost all of your lashes, you will be charged as a full set.

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